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Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Sunday Right-wing co-worker and I went on a night tour of Alcatraz

It was super cool. The only draw back was that the vast majority of people touring Alcatraz with us were from Europe. There was not a lot of rudeness, but the Eurotrash were as cranky as ever. Perhaps they were pissed that the dollar has been rising against the Euro, but most likely they always walk around with sour pusses.

On the ferry I noticed three women sporting gigantic blond hair, the likes of which I have not seen around here since the 1980's and early 90's.

"Look, I told co-worker, they have Sarah Palin hair!"

Thereafter, co-worker took to calling them "The Sarah Palins." The Europeans stared at them a lot.

We met up with the Sarah Palins at the end of the tour as we all headed back to the return ferry. They were nice, funny, and they were from Utah, which explains the big hair. A mouse had run across one of the Sarah Palins' open toed, high heel clad foot during the tour. They were underdressed for the bitter cold weather, and ready to go back to San Francisco and eat dessert.

Right-wing co-worker caught the sniffles a few days later. I blamed it on the Europeans.

"You caught European swine flu," I told him.


At 6:28 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

I like Sarah Palin's hips. Well, everything about her actually. But especially her hips. Hair? Is her hair that big? There are bangy strands falling down in front and then it's fuller behind, whatever that style is called. But to get back to her hips, she fills out a skirt beeyootiful.

At 2:59 AM , Anonymous strudel said...

My My Ms C. You spit the truth now. You had an affair with an Iti and he kicked your ass, as soon as he realized you weren't able to make a decent cup of coffee. (We will not mention the gossip of his mama about Ms C The Stinky Lazy Bum).
Then you had an affair with a Frenchie, but he met Gloria Blondie.
Then you met Kranz the German and.. you tell us.

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