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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blacks and immigrants and gay marriage propositions

I warned my gay friends before the election that Blacks and immigrants would vote against them and for the Proposition to ban gay marriage.

White liberals have always been deluded fools when it comes to minorities. In this election Blacks showed how little fondness they actually feel for White liberals. The fact that they came out in droves to vote for a Black presidential candidate when they have never voted in droves for a White liberal, should tell you something. They don't like or trust Whites, even liberal Whites. As for gays, they really don't like them either.

I have seen a few incidents of anti-gay sentment in my time and they were all perpetrated by Blacks. We had to take homosexual sensitivity training because of a fight between Blacks and gays in my workplace. During our class, I got into it with a White woman who claimed that Blacks were progressive. I told her she was wrong. The recent election proves my point but I always knew that Blacks did not really approve of the homosexual lifestyle. They even think that gays are a White invention.

A few weeks ago , while riding the bus, I saw a Black kid call a gay Mexican guy a "Bitch ass nigger." Another time, on the bus, a Black man refused to let a gay guy sit next to him and verbally abused the gay guy and threatened him with violence for the entire 20 minutes I was on the bus to hear it.

Another Black woman who regularly rode the bus, took a dislike to the gay male supervisors she worked under. She spent months engaging in loud conversations on the bus about how she could not work with gays. It was horrible and I would not engage with her and would continually shush her. She was oblivious and treated the passengers to loud imitations of effeminate gay men's voices and walks. This went on for months. She disappeared and I hope she got fired.

Prop 8 opponents constantly compare the laws against interracial marriage to the laws against gay marriage. The truth is, most Blacks are against interracial marriage too. They don't go in much for marriage at all. I guess its something Whitey does, kind of like getting an education.

When I am sitting on the bus, listening to some Black guy brag on his cell phone about hoarding cough medicine with codiene he gets from Kaiser hospital by "pretending" to have a cough. And he tells his phone companion that he is going to get high and have a couple of little 15 year olds come over to service him and Lord knows that the government is going to end up supporting the progeny of said encouter, who, sadly, carry his substandard genes. We will also end up supporting the 15 year old girls who will bear the kids, and I think about the fact that many Blacks claim to be Christians but really are nothing of the sort. A man like him has no right to vote against gay marriage and act as if other people are the "perverts."

As for immigrants voting against gay marriage, they are from traditional cultures. The couple I went to the Hindu temple with are going to arrange a marraige for their daughter. You can't expect them to suppport gay marriage.


At 7:46 AM , Anonymous strudel said...

At school we weren't told that Achilles and Patroclus, the two tough Greek warriors were living under the same tent as lovers. And we weren't told that Julius Caesar won the Kingdom of Nicomedes but Nicomedes won him. Nobody would dare to say 'gay' in a classroom of Catholic Italy. Most of Catholic priests were (are?) gays of course. But marriage gay is something completly new for mankind (oopss gaykind). It could give way to all sort of marriage. One could marry a gay and a female, for instance. We will see. I could marry Ms C, should trio-marriage be approved, the only way to give a look to her bum, it seems. But talking of Ms C, I see that she has gay friends, would she be so kind to ask them if they have headache at night, when you knock at their backdoor?

At 5:31 AM , Blogger sally said...

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At 12:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sally, that is sooo nasty! As if anybody needed a website to, er, "meet" black guys. I can tell you it's way too easy to do that already.


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