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Sunday, December 14, 2008

It must chafe Mookie al Sadr's soft baby skinned hide

That he and his followers could not take out Saddam even though the Shia are a huge majority of the population of Iraq. Mookie ran away and hid like a woman in Iran. He should have stayed in Iran a bit longer, I think they might have given him free dental care and he sure needs it. He probably drinks tea with 20 sugars in it which is why his teeth are as black and rotten as his soul.

In any case Muqtada and his followers should be thanking Americans by fasting and kissing the bottoms of our filthy infidel shoes, but, as Ronald Reagan found out when he was a life guard, people tend to resent you for saving them, because it points out just how lame they were for not saving themslves.


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