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Friday, January 09, 2009

The mob here does not want "justice" they want a lynching

The recent shooting by a transit cop has brought out the mob mentality. "Leaders of the community" are demanding "justice" and an "investigation" into the shooting.

They don't want "justice" or an "investigation" at all. They have already decided the cop's fate. They have tried him, found him guilty and they want to lynch him.

If the shoe was on the opposite foot and one of the "citizens of Oakland" had shot a cop, the "leaders" would be trying to make sure that the shooter wasn't considered guilty until proven guilty.

The truth is, I do feel sorrier for the cop than I do for the guy who was shot. Oscar Grant was a habitual criminal, and despite the media and his family's claims that he had "turned his life around" he could not last an entire year without engaging in more criminal activity, namely the fighting or attempted assault he was perpetrating on BART at the time of his arrest. His last criminal offence was in May, 2008. His choir boy act lasted until January 2009. At least that we know of.


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