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Monday, January 12, 2009

This kind of killing engenders no protests

"Damion Bouchelion, a 28-year-old Oakland man whom Young said moved to Atlanta to escape street violence, was shot and killed as a passenger in a car near the intersection of 105th Avenue and Pontiac Street.

Young said that she has been able to piece together much of the incident. Her nephew was driving a car down Pontiac Street, with Bouchelion riding next to him, when they encountered a group of young men standing in the street at the corner, she said. Her nephew honked his horn, trying to get the group to let the car pass, and a small scuffle ensued and seemed to be quickly quieted, she said.

As the car rode off, Young said her nephew heard gunshots behind the car.
"He turned to Damion and said, 'You hear that? They're shooting back there,'" Young said. "And he turned and Damion was just slumped over in the seat. He never said a word to nobody, and he died for nothing."

Lord knows, none of us have any right to expect young men hanging out in the street to move out of the way to let us pass through. How dare we.


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This is fantastic!


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