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Friday, February 06, 2009

Little lefty Hitlers

Ever morning, my lefty colleagues spend a good hour in the morning talking about all the "stupid people" they have come into contact with, or seen on TV, (the lefties all watch tons of TV) or heard tell of in gossip rags.

The general idea is that all stupid people must die. Lefties are wanna-be eugenics practitioners.

Even Miss C has heard about enough of the "stupid people" thread to last a lifetime.

So, the other day when they were on their usual diatribes, I said, "You can't kill all the stupid people. Hitler already tried that."

They looked at me in shock. "That's the first time I have ever heard anyone defend Hitler," one of the lefties said.

"I am not defending him, I am saying that all of you are like him. Every day I have to listen to you talk about how you want to kill stupid people. You even discuss the types of weapons you would use. I don't want the stupid people to die, because then we will the stupid people." (Most of these people are the ones who did not score high enough to get into Cal Berkeley, they had to go to lesser state universities) they are smart but not that smart, if you know what I mean.)

"You guys also talk a lot about sterilization, I told them We used to do that in this country, remember? We did it to Native American women. We used to put people who had the misfortune to have "ethnic looks," meaning, they looked like Sylvester Stallone, into homes for the feeble minded. This way lies madness"

"Some people should be sterilized!" one of the lefties snapped back at me.

"I rest my case," I said.

I noticed they have toned down the conversations recently. Then the woman had the octuplets
and they could not prevent themselves from talking about her. They just seem to forget all the values they hold dear, like "Hands off my body" and "Choice" and "If you don't believe in abortion don't have one" when stupid people are involved.


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