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Monday, January 26, 2009

Carrying weapons in national parks story

10 years ago of one my ex boyfriends and I were in a line for a luau in Hawaii. In front of us, there stood a nice couple from Canada.

We got to discussing things and somehow the subjects of hiking, national parks/forests/hunting and just generally being scared of bears came up. I disremember exactly what led to the male half of the couple telling us this riveting tale.

The couple had pulled in to one of Canada's forests. He was carring a gun in his truck which he had to register with a park ranger. The gun was wrapped with some kind of seal which if broken, had to be explained to the proper authorites.

As the couple and the ranger stood talking, a car pulled up, 2 children emerged from inside it and immediately ran down to an area where 2 grizzly bear cubs were playing. The childrens' parents got out of the car and commenced to taking pictures of their offspring cavorting with bear cubs.

As the Canadian couple and the ranger looked on in horrified disbelief, the mother grizzly appeared and headed straight for the children.

The ranger quickly told the Canadian guy to shoot the bear, as his weapon was available, ready and loaded. He shot and killed the bear. Then the ranger went over to the childrens' parents to read them the riot act for what they had done and had let their children do, which had directly resulted in the death of the sow and the orphaning of her cubs.

Whether this was a case of subverting natural selection or not I will leave you to decide.


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