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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy liberal writes to the San Francisco Chronicle and states he wants Republicans to die from thirst

"Let them drink bottled,

Editor - First, my thanks for including Paul Krugman as a regular contributor to your page. His Jan. 27 column ("Bad faith economics") on Republican opposition to President Obama's stimulus package has inspired me to proffer a "modest proposal": What say we vote on a proposition here in California to allow tax-cutting, less-government legislators to get their wishes by denying them (and their adoring constituents) any and all state government services?

It seems appropriate to start by withholding access to so much of Northern California's water, most of which ends up in conservative districts in the Central Valley and Southern California. Republican counties should be happy to pay for their own services as well, with little or no help from the wasteful, inefficient state government.

Once again, California would be able to set an example for the rest of the country; surely tax-cutting, less-government Republicans in Washington could be convinced to refuse wasteful "pork barrel" spending in their home districts as well."


I am confused, is he saying that Republicans don't already pay for water, like everybody else? Does he not know that millions of illegal immigrants and poor African-Americans in Compton will be bereft of water if the State actually did have the ability to cut off the water supply to the Southern parts of the state? Also much of our water starts in other states, what if they decided to close of the spigots entirely. The mind just boggles.


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