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Saturday, March 21, 2009

People who have just suffered a blow to the head are not competent to make decisions about their own medical care much less sign waivers denying it

My mom's boyfriend's co-worker died in much the same way that Natasha Richardson just did. He crashed his motorcycle on the freeway. The paramedics kept telling him to be still, but he was having the "lucid moment" and felt "fine" and kept walking around talking to the cops and emergency personnel. He did finally go and sit down but he never got up again.

I am just not comfortable with medical personnel saying, "Well, we know she hit her head and should go straight to the clinic, but she says, "No", so let's get her to sign the waiver." She bumped her head for Christ's sake, its a standing joke.

Of course going to the clinic was no gaurantee she'd get the right care either. I recently read a book by a man whose daughter fell off of her bunk bed and hit her head and the doctor gave her a cursory exam and OK'd her to go home, even though she was presenting with symptoms of a severe brain injury, nausea, crankiness and irritablity. They sent her home her parents took her to bed with them after becoming exhausted after spending the night at the hospital. They woke up to her convulsing and she died soon after.

If anyone you know gets bonked on the head make sure they get a thorough looking at even if you have to create a fuss to get them to do it.

I hate brain injuries, that is why I would not even begin to make fun of the unfortunate tree sitter who got gas canned in Palestine. Head injuries are not the least bit funny.


At 5:12 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

As many times as I've been hurt, I'm so lucky not to be punchy. Er.

You're right about the waivers, they shouldn't be valid any more than a nine year old's. Take them to the hospital.


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