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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

True multiculturalism

My friend's mom is from China. She makes delicious chinese dumplings filled with pork and cabbage wrapped in wonton wrappers. When she makes the wrappers she uses a tortilla press to flatten the balls of dough.

My Panamanian friend used to be married to a American soldier. She and her husband were stationed in Germany for a few years. My friend became close friends with some German women. She grew to deeply admire their cleaniness and skill at housekeeping and she set out to aquire it for herself. To this day she has the cleanest house of anyone I have met.

The other day I took Devil Dawg to the marina to play catch. When I got there, I saw a man, and a woman in a burka praying to Mecca on a prayer rug they had placed right next to the tennis\basketball court. While the man and woman prayed, their 2 children, a small cheeky boy and a very pretty teen girl wearing a long black dress and head scarf were shooting hoops. The girl was very good at basketball.

After the prayers and the playing were over the family came up to the grassy area in front of the court to have a picnic of falafel sandwiches. They stopped to admire Devil Dawg's drinking from a garden hose. Even though I couldn't see any part of the older woman's face but her eyes, I could tell that she was smiling. After the picnic the man and woman went for a walk and the kids went back to playing basketball.


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Go, America.


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