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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's sauce for the goose. Foie gras, animal rights and force feeding

I watched a program on PBS about the marine mammal rescue center and saw the Peta types gleefully force feeding seals and sea lions. In truth, some of the animals, once captured, never leave the center again, as they are unable to eat on their own and so are subjected to constant force feeding for the rest of their lives.

Here from the marine mammal center,


When a "patient" is admitted, our staff performs all necessary procedures under the direction and protocols set by the Animal Care Director and our Veterinary Medical Director. During the course of rehabilitation, animals require a variety of treatments such as administration of antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids, tube feeding, force feeding, wound care, etc. Most animals come in dehydrated and the most effective means to provide fluids and nourishment is through tube feeding. The process requires blending of fish, electrolytes, warm water, vitamins, and medication into a fish formula. This formula is fed to the animals by inserting a flexible tube into the stomach using large syringes. As soon as the animals are hydrated and stable, we wean them to eat whole fish.


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