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Friday, April 03, 2009

What's going on around here is so bad that I cannot write about right now it so I will tell a funny story instead

I had lunch this week with a friend of mine who is a retired librarian. He told me that he has been seeing a former library patron of his around Berkeley, usually running from the cops.

"Vaseline guy, I used to call him," said my friend.

"He would get a book on art or architecture and sit at a table with it and smear himself with Vaseline and turn the pages with his greasy hands and get Vaseline all over the books."

"One day he got an expensive architecture book off the shelf, opened it on the table and pulled out his tub of Vaseline and started rubbing it all over his bald head, face and arms and I just couldn't take it any more."

"I ran over and snatched the book from him and said, You have to choose. It's either the books or the Vaseline, but you can't have both!"


At 6:15 PM , Anonymous steve said...

Arm the librarians. Of course the weapons would be equipped with silencers.

At 7:59 AM , Anonymous karen said...

That is a funny and disgusting story! What a freak.

I hope things get better soon. Your title is scary!

At 12:49 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Tolerance demands that the freaks be allowed to run wild while the civilized cower in the corner. Nothing will change till the liberal stranglehold - tolerance being the highest liberal value - on America is broken...and maybe it never will be broken, maybe it's greasy books as far into the future as the mind's eye can see.

At 10:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a conservative all of my life and I recently started reading your blog. I agree with some of your views but more so I believe you are an embarrassment to conservatives everywhere. You are juvenile and immature and I believe you and people like you are to blame for much of the general shift in support to liberals like Obama. Don't give me that freedom of speech crap. Stop blogging if you give a damn.

At 7:35 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

Stop reading if her truth hurts so much, Mr. Lowenstein.

At 7:50 PM , Blogger Pat Patterson said...

Wait a second I thought the usual description of a conservative was someone who had read 'Atlas Shrugged' as a teenager and still thinks it is a great work of politics and art, wears saddle oxford shoes and crassly pursues money instead of semiotics or community activism. In other words I thought there is still virtue in being sophomoric.

At 12:09 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Oohhh.. I am running away with my tail between my legs. Why should I stop blogging? If people don't like what I write they don't have to read my blog Mr Taliban anonymous.

At 9:41 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

Beware The Liberal in Conservative Clothing!!!
Here are the Top Ten signs that the "Anonymous Mr. Lowenstein" (if that truly is your name) is a Liberal just by using his own post against him:
#10: Anonymous said...
"I've been a conservative all of my life" ( Really? All of it?!? Does this mean before, or after birth? Possibly even at conception...? C'mon! No real conservative starts off any comment/post like this. You are desperately trying to prove something!)

#9: Anonymous said...
"I recently started reading your blog.
(Bah! Any self respecting conservative has been reading Miss C's blog for at leat a year or more, ya' commie!!!)

#8: Anonymous said...
"I agree with some of your views"
(Sure ya' do, ya' big liar! This is just a set-up for...#7!)

#7: Anonymous said...
"but more so I believe you are an embarrassment to conservatives everywhere."
(ooooh, what an insult! Boy does it STING! Did your Mama help you with this one?)(By the way, this is not the first time that he says: "I believe" just watch...,)

#6: Anonymous said...
"You are juvenile and immature"
(Oh SNAP! If this 2-word combo doesn't put the bullet in Lincoln's head for you that this guy's a liberal, then please read on...)

#5: Anonymous said...
"and I believe"
(He "believes", not that he "knows". All Libby's believe/feel that "they know something." This is a major part of their mantra!)

This next one counts as two!
#4, & #3: Anonymous said...
"you and people like you are to blame for much of the general shift in support to liberals like Obama."
Part 1,("You, and People like you?" Wow, how Nazi-ish! What that really means is a real conservative, and more real conservatives, like Miss C.)
Part 2, (I am pretty sure that it was the fact that Obama, with his "more than Clinton-like charm" and the McCain/Palin one-two punch, was what shifted folks over to help the Liberals/Obama win, not "us."

#2:Anonymous said...
"Don't give me that freedom of speech crap..."
(Miss C doesn't have to give you "that freedom of speech crap", Anonymous, its' yours for "FREE", hence the "freedom of" part. Ya' big silly!)

#1:Anonymous said...
"Stop blogging if you give a damn."
(WTF?!? If Miss C did that, then We would never be able to read posts by super, intelligent people, such as yourself again! What would we do with our lives?!?!?!? We really give a damn Miss C. Blog as much as you want!)


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