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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where is the luv?

While I was waiting for the bus on Monday, a young, blond German man in shorts came up to me and asked if I knew where he could catch a certain bus. Unfortunately, it is a bus that travels slowly through the most dangerous parts of Oakland. He informed me he didn't want to take the Rapid Transit train.

The train, although not without danger, is far, far safer. Especially for a white guy and a foreigner to boot.

I thought about telling him he shouldn't take the bus, but pondered how to word the warning. Finally I just said I was sorry and did not know where he could catch the bus.

When I relayed the story to my co-workers today, one of them was upset. "That's not right. That's not right, he said. You should have warned him. You gotta have love."


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