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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama should just own up to the suicide bomb attack in Iran

That is just what we do. Flash one of your cheeky grins and admit that you did it, Barack. Let that be a lesson to the hairy monkey President of the Iranian Islamic Republic. There is plenty more where that came from. Go Obama! Al Qaeda is not the only group who can send LGBT suicide bombers to blow people up.

A few months ago I got on the bus and as I passed this young Asian kid I accidently (on purpose) hit him in the forehead with my ringed finger. He grabbed his head and started crying and moaning like a European soccer player does after he's been fouled.

"Sorry," I said, but he did not hear me as his ears were plugged by Ipod buds.

He turned, pulled out his earbuds and started mean mugging me. "Say sorry," he demanded, in a teary voice, sounding like a 4 year old girl.

A young lady, who was sitting nearby told him, "She did say sorry."

He kept turning to look at me, so she said, "Why you keep on looking at that lady?"

I just kept making eye contact. Mean mugging him right back. I figured that if he did attack me, he was already so wounded and dazed from my powerful first blow that I could just finish off his little weak ass in a jiffy.

"I already hurt you. You want some more of that?" I asked him.

He got off the bus at the next stop. Lucky for him.


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