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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The lefties around here really seem to think that the Ft Hood shooter was a "conscientious objector"

He just didn't want to go to Iraq/Afghanistan and um, er, shoot anybody, especially innocent Muslim civilians! He was a peace loving guy. That is why he took up arms, so that he wouldn't have to take up arms. Makes perfect sense to lefties, who always claim to be on the side of peace while simultaneously slaughtering everyone around them, a la Mao, Stalin and Castro.

They are ignorant of the facts as usual. The shooter wasn't being deployed to fight. He was going to council fellow soldiers. He wouldn't have had to fire a single shot. He could have been like the pacifists who, in WWII served as medics because they actually objected to the killing of other human beings.

If Major Hasan had truly been outraged over the killings of Muslim civilians, he would have taken up arms against the people responsible for the vast majority of the murders of his co-religionists, Islamic fundamentalists. Major Hasan doesn't give a rats's ass about his fellow Muslims at all. He just hates the idea of ifidels winning a war against Muslims.


At 9:42 PM , Blogger Wakefield Tolbert said...

Yep. An astonishing rollover to the Sons of Allah.

Though, maybe the worst news recently is not the Slipstream Media's "PTSD" fetish, but rather the fact that the Son of Allah mastermind who gave us 911 will be tried in civilian court.

BTW-I ain't yer granny, and I think you might just be sweet as pie.

Cute costume too.

At 3:15 AM , Anonymous jack said...

Obama said wait for the facts. He got the facts.

Now it's we need more facts. The facts he got dosen't play out well.

Next it will be we need more facts until it's all forgoten.

Thing is I don't think this ones going to be forgoten so easily.

At 7:01 PM , Blogger nicholas said...

Yeah, well the fact is we have a major problem in our military if their major concern off this incident is the potential backlash to Muslims in the military. What, they fear more teasing?

Unarmed, US service men and women were gunned down by a guy yelling "Allah Akbar", who advanced to the rank of Major despite being very open and direct about his radical, pro-terrorist viewpoints, and all the brass can do is worry about a backlash?!

The boys and girls directing the US military are going to have to grow up real quick and look the enemy in the eye, or we shall all suffer more terrible tragedies.

At 8:01 PM , Blogger nicholas said...

George Jonas finds himself out of step with the current take on the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

“To me, a shooting spree that happened would take precedence over a backlash that didn't, but I may be old-fashioned.”

At 12:29 PM , Anonymous Karen said...

Exactly, Miss C. I couldn't have said it better myself!

At 12:28 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Wakefield, some have said that I am toothsome, but I am more savory than sweet!

Nicolas, you are correct, the lefties here also seem to think that the death penalty, i.e. being shot, is a perfectly appropriate sentence for teasing, or even "discriminating" against someone. Although they always say "war is not the answer" they are quick to sympathize with someone who kills 13 people over what they think might be harassment, even though the soldiers killed are not the ones who actually might have harassed ex-Major Hasan.

Jack, Obama is stalling. Unfortunately the military has just done another Pat Tilman on us.

Thank you Karen. I sincerely value your opinion.

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