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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Global warming science and gender differences.

Everybody knows that men and women have different brains. The eveidence has been there since man became aware of his place in the universe. All cultures have split the sexes into different social catagories based on the preferences and biological roles of either sex. Of course there are very rare exceptions to these rules. Native American men living as women, or women fighting in battles, being two examples. Such occurances were extremely rare. Every man has been puzzled by the thinking of women and every woman has been frustrated by the thinking of men. We know for a fact that we think differently. It is a given in nature that male and female animals behave differently than each other. So, the only people I know that deny gender difference are some very odd feminists (mostly lesbians) who insist that there are no gender differences. My Lesbian co-worker got pregnant by artificial insemination. We were both pregnant at the same time, although I was farther along than she was. I mentioned to her that it had been my habit to do the New Yrok Times crossword puzzle before my pregnancy, but that I found it impossible to think well while pregnant and could not do them, for what I suspected was hormonal reasons. I expressed concern that my brain might not return to it's normal level of accuity after my baby's birth. My co-worker got very offended and said, "Don't say things like that, it gives people who think our brains are different an excuse to believe that we are inferior." Of course it's not about inferiority, it's about "difference." Everyone that worked with this woman noticed a marked difference in her level of job performance and emotionality during her pregnancy, but she would state that she was exactly the same as always. So, my point being, after the resignation of Lawrence Summers from Harvard, how are we supposed to believe that global warming exists on the word of scientists that refuse to break with the orthodox view of gender differences. In fact if men and women are the same, there really is no need for gender studies. All women's studies depts should be eliminated, making available funding for more science professors imediately.


At 6:27 PM , Blogger trillwing said...

Gender studies departments generally don't profess biology, at least in my (relatively extensive) experience. Rather, they look at cultural phenomena and how culture, more than biology, in many cases constrains men's and women's lives. I'm not really following, therefore, your argument about science. . .

If anything, the Summers resignation, and more specifically his comments about women in science, show that we need more gender studies programs, not fewer.

At 12:18 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I stand corrected! We do need more studies of the actual reasons behind the gender differences, Science is the only explanation. Genes trump environment, every time. I do not agree with you that culture constrains people more than biology. Cultures have adapted around gender preferences. I do agree that there are cultures that are very constraining to women and that they should have free choice, but once they do, the outcomes may not be perfectly equal, due to biology. Studies have shown that men never think of their children while they are at work, but that women think about their children all day. This is biological and not cultural. It is a brain difference, pure and simple. Is it any wonder that women would drop out of academia and the sciences to care for their children?

At 5:20 AM , Blogger Brad said...

Trillwing is right that gender studies don't profess biology, or any other rational concepts. Rather, they look at how they can manipulate and create cultural phenomona and how they can use culture to constrain ppeople's lives; to impose Rousseauian and Foucaultian notions on society through disingenuous "research" and falsified "scholorship."

If anything, the reactions to Summers comments show that gender studies programs have perverted academia and need to be relegated to mindless political organizations.

At 2:08 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

There is no point in arguing with the orthodox members of the gender equality set. Most of these women are already exceptions to any rule, but they don't see themselves as the genetic freaks that they are. It's hard to admit that you are a freak, so naturally you start making excuses as to why other women are not going into the sciences. Instead of being proud to be an exception, they claim all women could be like them if only they had more help, childcare, mentors, encouragement, etc.


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