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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I apologise to the good people of Dubai and Dubai Ports World Co.

On behalf of my reactionary and idiotic Congressmen and women, I would like to apologise to you, the good people of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. My political representatives, for the most part, have never had real jobs and do not understand what real jobs entail. They are woefully ignorant of how intricate systems like port management and port security are run. They are also, very predjudiced against Arabs, especially those in the Arab Emirates, because the Arabs of the Gulf region look like the Hollywood version of Arabs. The kind that live in tents and own camels and hunt with hawks and such. The kind of Arabs we saw in the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Gulf Arabs are the epitome of all that is Arab.and so seem more frightening to many Americans, especially Jewish Democratic Congessmen.. Many of our Congressmen and women think that real Arabs are not interested in anything but protesting and burning embassies and blowing up people and crashing planes into buildings. Of course if all Arabs liked to do these things our Congressmen and women would all be dead by now. Especially as most of them are pacifists and anti war types and would no doubt turn the other cheek, rather than fight. Also, a lot of these Congressmen and women have no doubt seen Syriana and think that the Dubai Port Management Co is run by the bad, westernised Arabs, like the evil brother of the communist/nationalist leaning, so good Arab in the movie. So, you see, our Congressmen and women are terribly racist and I do apologise for their ignorance. I am very, very sorry for your ill treatment. I am ashamed and disgusted by the behavior of my people.


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