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Monday, March 27, 2006

My dog has become deathly ill from his rabies vaccination.

I have not been blogging or reading blogs, because I have been caring for my 4 year old terrier mix. He is becoming more and more paralyzed by the day. I just spent $519.00 today, getting x-rays and blood tests that I know are useless, because he is clearly reacting to the rabies vaccine. The vet is denying that it is the vaccine, but my dog started to get very sick and feverish 3 days after the shot. Then he began to get weakness in his back legs. Now he can barely walk and can not lift his leg to pee. He shakes and cries and pants all night. When he walks he shits and pisses uncontrollably. The Doctor tells me that the dog is not looking very ill when I take him in. Of course my dog is so desperate to leave the vets that he runs around the office trying to drag me home, so he does not look as sick as he is. The vet would not even give me a ride home, because he thought my dog could walk well enough to get home on his own. My dog was staggering all over the place and peeing all over himself the whole way home. I don't drive or own a car. I am at a loss as to what to do. If I mention that I gave the dog chicken broth, the vet jumps on that as a possible cause for my dog's incontinence and paralyzed back end. Yeah, sure, diet change causes paralysis in dogs, why not people too, for Christ's sake. The dog was a happy, healthy frisbee dog the day before the shot and now he is like a crippled old man that needs diapers. I am beside myself with worry and the vet won't even give my dog anything stronger than an anti-inflamatory for the pain. I am up all night and missing work and the vet is telling me my dog is not that sick. I am going nuts here.


At 6:14 AM , Blogger Jenna said...

What ever happened to your dog?

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