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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

French students want the French government to pull Euros out of their asses!

The French government should not discriminate against those under 26, that's not fair! As far as I am concerned, French business owners and the French taxpayers should be able to terminate anyone, anytime, from any job in the public or private sector.There is no liberty where one person is forced to support a lazy or incompetent worker. When others are forced to work harder and take up slack for a person with poor work ethics, resentment is created. Businessmen do not start businesses to employ other people and give them a free ride for the rest of their lives. Businessmen start businesses to further their families interests, the employment of others is merely a by product of a successful business venture. I think that all businesses should leave France and come here, to the US. We have a lot of immigrants, legal and illegal, that would be very, very appreciative of the chance to work for French businessmen.


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