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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gopher snake!

We used to have a head of custodial services where I work, who has moved on to a bigger and better paying job. He is from Texas and his grandfather was a Black Seminole Indian fighter. My co-worker knows that I love history and family history in particular. My co-worker goes back to Texas to stay with his dad a few times a year and he says he always wakes up to gunfire as his dad shoots a few squirrels for their breakfast. He wanted to preserve some family history, so he videotaped his dad talking about his life. My friend's dad told a lot of interesting stories, but one that I really liked is about his father, who kept a sweet potato patch. He said that the patch would periodically become infested with gophers. The old man kept a pet gopher snake. When a gopher would disturb his sweet potatos, he would fetch the snake. As he put the snake's head to the gopher hole he would say, "Thar gopher, you shall have no more sweet potatos!"


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