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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire

This morning on NPR's Forum show with Michael Krasney, Morris Berman was the guest. He was discussing his new book, Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire, a hopeful title if there ever was one. He pretended to be depressed at the thought of the good old US of A going down in flames al la Rome, but he couldn't hide his glee at the idea. Listeners were treated to a delightful hour where upon Mr Berman waxed lyrical about the EVIL MIDWESTERN FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICALS (he uses the words interchangeably, while unaware of the true meaning of either) He excoriated the IQ"s of Americans. He said that television was making Americans stupid and distracting them from reading. Of course anyone with half a brain knows that there are people that like to read and those that don't. Those that don't, either engage in lots of physical activities, or they watch TV. Readers are, and always have, been rare. The white left thinks that everyone white should be just like them, they really do not feel comfortable with difference and diversity of opinion. Mr Berman bragged of the learnedness of the Europeans, who have "pulled" together 25 five disparate countries into one united and enlightened utopia of intelectualism and good will towards man. He ignored the fact that they have done so under the protection of the US nuclear umbrella. He believes that Europeans have much higher average IQ's than Americans. He is, I guess, unaware of the recent IQ study that gave Americans a higher IQ average than France, as he seemed to think Americans average IQ was very low indeed. He claimed that Indians had higher IQ's. I don't doubt it, but what does it mean? All I can say is that the left has found a use for IQ scores after years of assuring us that IQ scores were meaningless. The left has indeed become the new right. Mr Berman is apalled at the religiosity of Americans, although I am sure it is just white Americans that he does not want to practice religion. The fact that most brown and Black people are not in accordance with the view that we evolved from a lower life form seems to be alright with him. Millions of Latin and Philipino Catholics get a pass. It's just those damned white Evangelicals. People that look like him and sound like him but don't think exactly like he does. Amazing! A lady called into the show and it turned out she was a journalist that had worked in the SF bay area and had moved to the Midwest for work and family reasons. She echoed Mr Berman's opinions, in her turn belitting the ignorant slobs she was living among and speaking in sneering tones of the television viewing habits of her neighbors. Her neighbors have the bad taste to enjoy reality TV and soap operas. The dreaded American Idol and the unbearable Survivor. She claimed that everyone in Idaho was afraid of terrorism and nervous about the economy and so took to medicating themselves by shopping excessively at "Targets and Walmarts." Sinners, for being greedy and ignoring the evil practices of the world's most hated corporations. Of course she would prefer to live in San Francisco where something in the water must make the IQ's higher, but she claims journalism is journalism, wherever she may be. Of course we know that the truth is that the scorn for these deplorable habits is only heaped upon white people that are engaging in these behaviors. Every time I have gone into a Walmart or Target, 90% of the customers shopping there are immigrants, but they can't be blamed, because they are brown and the left is racist and holds them to a different standard. Most Blacks are Evangelicals and vote for Democrats, but no scorn is heaped upon them for their religious views. The left is really beginning to show its spots and tell us what they really think about the average, hard working white Christian American, Well here is what I think of leftists. I think you are all full of shit. I think that you go on about fake Native American spirituality and Depak Chopra. I think that you co-opt native people's cultures and warp them beyond recognition. I think you are selfish people that spend too much time looking for self fulfillment. I think that you are too concerned with your own self esteem, when you really haven't done anything to earn esteem. I think you waste money on yoga classes and private schools for your kids when you should be demanding good schools for your tax dollars instead. I think that you are bad parents. I have seen your kids in public places and they behave like monsters. I think that you let your kids get away with murder and they have contempt for you. I think you spend too much money on gourmet coffee. I think you spend too much in general. Birkenstocks are some of the most expensive shoes on the planet. Organic food is way too expensive, and most liberals I know are always sick anyway. Liberals always have rare food allergies and are allergic to chemicals and have to go to the acupuncturist and chiropractor all the time. I think you all spend too much money and time on yourselves period. I think Trader Joe's food tastes like crap and costs way too much. I think you all go to therapy way too much and spend a lot of time thinking about yourselves and your problems and how unhappy you are. I think that the American tax payers spend too much money on National Public Radio for them to have to listen to brain damaged Liberal idiots like Mr Berman insult them and criticize their habits. He mentioned that a professor said that his students didn't know the difference between an opinion and an informed argument. Ditto for Mr Berman. National Public Radio is supposed to be for the average American citizen, not for Liberal elitists to use as a soapbox to insult and demean us.


At 8:45 PM , Blogger Bhamini said...

I agrre. You might find resonances in my blog at

At 2:33 AM , Blogger Brad said...

You go girl!!
An interesting twist on the europeon situation.

At 2:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 2:47 PM , Blogger Cookie Lipschitz said...

Typical millennial diatribe from somebody who thinks she's a lot smarter than she is. Not everybody who reads Berman and thinks he has something important to say is an elitist rich asshole, far from it. Go read a bit more yourself and maybe engage in a bit of analysis.
I really do despair for your generation.


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