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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh my God this is sooo funny.

The psycho leftist British Brokeback blogger crew have linked me to one of their favorite websites, Shemale Strokers. They are incredibly childish and I guess don't realize how amused I am by their silly behavior?? Leftists are like children, they have a childlike world view and engage in infantile behavior every chance they get. They throw fits and stomp their little hairy feet and shake their little baby fists. They flip their fake dreadlocks around like Sideshow Bob on the Simpson's. They work up a sweat and send out waves of patchouli funk. "The bad professor said that women and men aren't the same, whaaa, whaaa." "Oh, I am so mad I could blow up a crowd of kids!" Whenever leftists hate on you, you know that you are doing something right!! If they spent half the energy on productive activities that they waste on insulting and attacking people with different beliefs, maybe they could actually be a force for positive change. Still they are funny in a tragic sort of way. They are not intelligently funny in the sarcastic way of Conservatives and Moderates, but they are good for a chuckle, now and then. They always assume that everyone else's motives are evil, instead of asking us why we believe what we believe, and accepting that what we say just may be true. They are always going on about dialog, but they don't really mean it.


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