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Thursday, April 27, 2006


I am getting a lot of hits from Norbizness blog today. He has done a column which is rather like Liberal Larry's BlameBush blog. The problem is, Liberal Larry is funny because he satirizes subjects Bush could not actually be responsible for. If he satirized the things Bush is responsible for, it wouldn't really be funny now, would it? I am afraid that the left did knock out Hank William's tooth, when the uber leftist, uber fatty Linda (I can't believe I ate the whole Michael Moore, won't someone give me a Big Pharma Prilosec) Ronstadt decided to cover Hank William's tunes. Merle Haggard never had teeth!! The left has a lot to answer for in this country. I was listening to the differently abled Erica Jong on NPR and she, like all leftists, like to use the term, "disproportionally affect the poor." As in, "The bill passed in North Dakota banning abortion will disproportionally affect the poor." Who knew. She should know, having been on the forefront of the sexual revolution that paved the way for irresponsible behavior on the parts of millions of American men. Pun intended. She should now how disproportionately the poor can be affected. The left has destroyed the social fabric that connected Black men to their children by removing the stigma formerly placed on illegitimate birth. The left lives in fear that someone, somewhere, will feel "bad." In order to prevent grown adult gay men from feeling "bad" because they can not become scout leaders, the left is willing to expose thousands of young men to molesters. In order to prevent illegitimate children from feeling "bad" they made it possible for women to bear children alone and unsupported by anyone but the government. Both male and female children are short changed by the lack of any connection to healthy male role models. Girls raised in such households are unlikely to choose healthy and supportive males themselves, and the boys are unaware that they should be supportive of the children they father. Believe me, I know. Stigma and shame were useful in that they kept women from getting pregnant when they had not the means to support and raise a child. They encouraged men to marry and support their offspring. The repercussions of the boom of illegitimacy are dire and have caused the deaths of thousands of Black inner city boys, filled maximum security prisons and doomed women and children to lives of poverty and misery. Conservatives are not responsible for this continuing trend, Liberals are. The lack of intellectual curiousity on the part of Americans can also be laid at the Liberals door. Time after time, Liberals have complained that holding children to a common educational standard is either racist or wounding to a child's self esteem. The self esteem movement has received enough criticism from others and I won't go into it here. Having grown up in a bastion of liberalness, I can see the danger that they pose to the poor. The poor are being undereducated at the hands of liberal teachers that think they are doing good, but are ruining poor people's lives. The policies that the elite engage in do no harm to the elite themselves that a few weeks in rehab or the hiring of a nanny won't set straight, but the damage to the poor is incalcuable. Think on this, if Paris Hilton gets pregnant and wants to keep her child, what happens? If a poor girl gets pregnant and wants to keep her baby, what happens? The consequences are totally different and most would encourage the poor girl to have an abortion. It would have been better for the poor girl to have waited until she found a man interested in having children but the easy availability of abortion and welfare have made the decision too easy. Not so long ago most gay men would marry and father children. Now, most men are not interested in having children at all, and prefer to indulge their selfish natures while being encouraged by leftists. Women have always wanted to have babies and always will. The more irresponsible men become, the more dependent on the state women will become. Patriarchy reinforced by leftists. Thanks guys!


At 12:59 AM , Blogger Bhamini said...

Insightful. Though I do think the middle path between liberalism ( never truly liberal) and conservatism ( ditto) ought to be far as women are concerned and enforced by women, get out and make your laws for urself.
Great going.


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