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Monday, July 31, 2006

Dismemberment is the raison d'etre of Muslims.

Oh the manufactured outrage over dismembered bodies in Qana. The yearly celebrations of the so-called Qana massacre. The delicious feelings of outrage, the showy funerals, the wailing and ululating by harsh old harpies with black scarves disguising their last small claims to beauty.

Oh the self righteousness of the Muslim masses. The pictures, the bloody horrific pictures. The Muslims pretend to hate the blown up bodies of Lebanese children, but clearly cannot disguise their endless lust for gory, gruesome photographs. Images of death are Muslim pornography, arousing videos of torture and snuff films, the sawing off of heads bringing on the climax. Allah O Akbar! Outrage as foreplay, death and destruction is their sexual outlet. They put this porn all over the net and watch the deaths endlessly to stir their blood lust.

Our Western media outlets only show so-called "sanitized" news, meant to protect the American public from horrific images that make us weep, make us sick to our stomachs, claim the media pundits. So true. Yes, we in America hate to see pics of torn and ragged little bodies. We purposefully avoid it. Aren't we an awful people to not want to look at such horrors.

When Americans execute someone we "put him to sleep." Not so the Muslim world who prefer the slitting of throats and the sawing of necks. Oh how they love the dismemberment process. How they love the chopping off of limbs and heads. How their weapons of choice are the bombs and suicide belts and exploding cars. How up close and personal is their destruction of flesh and bone. The buckets of blood, the scattered bits of tooth and tissue.

Cannibals and head hunters have nothing on Muslims. I remember footage of Sadat's assassination, a man that had been seated next to him holding up his handless arm, jagged white bone protruding through the torn flesh. I remember children's bodies, still in their airplane seats, sitting in a Locherbie sheep farmer's field, the farmer rushing to cover the body with a blanket. No we don't parade our dead children around and thrust them in the world's face.

I have seen people jumping and falling from the twin towers. Piles of barbequed tourists in Bali. Little girls with mutilated genitals. Muslims are the cannibal kings, of the modern world, even the Indians in South America have stopped head hunting, but the Muslims have only just begun. Some have decided to live in caves again. Cave people, like Seany Bean the cannibal in Scotland, whose extended family lived in a cave and ambushed and ate British tourists.

Muslims stand around in front of cameras proudly waving severed, burnt limbs in the air, after pulling bodies apart with their bare hands. They throw hundreds of headless corpses into rivers in Iraq. Stabbing beaten, bloated corpses with sticks in Mogadishu. Smashing Israeli soldiers' heads like pumpkins. Blowing commuters in India and London to bits. Forcing Africans to live in concentration camps in Darfur.The Israelis are sweet little old ladies by comparison.

No, we Americans haven't the stomach for such primetime television fare and I thank God for it. We prefer our violence and our blood to be fake. Yes, our news outlets sanitized 9/11, showing none of the raining bodies and body parts for fear of stirring up collective hatred for Muslims. We have an identity of our own and it is not at the expense of Islam. The opposite is true of the Muslim world, theirs is an endless supply of outrage and collective hatred in response to the smallest perceived slight, while they commit vile atrocities on a daily basis. It is the Muslims only reason for being, their oppostion culture. They have nothing else. Forgive us for thinking that the Muslim world is getting exactly what it wants, more blood sacrifices to fuel their death cult. They will never stop the killing until forced to it.


At 9:13 PM , Blogger John Doe said...

Show bodies or not? This matter is often discussed here, but the debate is not equilibrate and we see finally anything you can imagine. In general terms I don't find any utility in showing cadavers and this kind of things, and some of us use to employ USA as an example of how informing without recurring to rawness (if well I accept no more that the classic fictional American news is a model we should follow; actually, that method is widely applied in Spain). We’re, at least apparently, an ugly minority.

Anyway is quite obvious the efficacy of showing died children, and sometimes those images offers a new perspective of the situation. The problem is that those same pictures are used as weapons of wear, and at the end all results too confused and disheartening. By a moment one can lost the global sense and vision. Although I have my obvious very personal opinion right now, I accept that it is also a problem of hard solution.

At 9:44 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I hate to say this but civilian deaths are necessary to the battle with Islam. When the Union razed through the south fighting the rebels during our civil war, they commited atrocities, but you can't argue that those most of those civilians had supported slavery and even though some of them were not slave owners and were actually innocent, I do not feel bad about their deaths because they served a greater cause. The country and the world were better off. Besides, I heard a UN worker on the news today saying that he can't tell who is a Hizballah fighter, he hasn't seen one, because they are blending into the civilian population.

At 12:41 PM , Anonymous jack said...

BigMo commanded to strike terror in the enemies of Allah ... and that would be everyone that is not a muslim. Thjey are just being good muslims.

At 1:54 PM , Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

Well said. Btw I'm liking the Shorawy-Miss C connection we have going on now, you should get a Technorati profile.

At 8:41 AM , Blogger -bRad said...

You know, Mrs. C....I really don't appreciate posts like this. Muslims are PEACEFUL people and it's OUR fault that we drive them to these atrocities. If we just left them alone everything would be fine....but here you are, picking on them.

At 12:30 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Oh I know, I am such a racist bitch! I just go around killing people of color all day and otherwise causing them harm and pain! When I'm not engaged in actually causing oppression and misery I am thinking about it, cuz I don't have a life and because I am an American and that's all we do, after all, just ask the French they'll tell you all about us.

At 4:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss C is right to bring these things to the attention of those who do not care, and those of us who do care about the slaughter of our fellow human beings need no remindin, and I applaud the graphic nature as stated because quite simply she is telling the truth. It's no good so-called peaceful muslims complaining as it is their duty to speak out and tell the world that they disagree with such happenings in 'their muslim world' and fight it with all they have, but they do not and therefore, in my opinion, they condone such vile attrocities and are equally culpable. How else can a stop be put to all attrocities in the world if people are not made aware. After all should sharia ever becoming part of law in the West it will be the first step to full sharia and we will all suffer at the hands of these thugs as so many people do in the muslim world.


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