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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Democrats want to unionize the baggage handlers!

In other words they want to kill us all! Union employees are worthless and I should know. I have worked with hundreds of the lazy assholes for the last 20 years. Of all the union employess I have worked with, I can count the ones I admire on one hand. The same is not true for the non union people I have worked with. There are many more of them I would care to hire if I owned a business. Becoming unionized encourages people to become lazy, stupid and selfish.

Suppose the handlers go on strike. Suppose they continually call in sick. They'll put passengers at risk. There will be no way to fire the idiots. They are there to serve us. We are not here to serve them and cater to their pleasure. We pay their saleries. They are answerable to the public.

The Democrats are the evil implements of Satan and al Qaeda. Period. There can be no other reason for them to continually endanger and undermine the interests of the American people.


At 8:43 AM , Anonymous jack said...

I've been on both sides of this isle and honestly I was much less productive as a union member. Reason was simple ... because I could be less productive.

I can see good and bad in the unions and am really torn on this issue.

At 9:49 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Absolutely Jack, that's what I'm talkin' bout! Less productivity and protection is not going to be good for our security at the airports. It's the liberals wanting to make a few people hapy at the expense of the majority. I hate them so bad.


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