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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Two of my cell mates have the ringworm!

A few weeks ago the woman in the cubicle to my left asked me if I wanted to see something gross. "No, I said. Not really. I mean, why would I?" She then managed to lure several of the co-workers into looking at the "gross something." They were awed by it's disgustingness. Then she came in one day and announced that the grossness was ringworm. Now my forward cubicle mate has it too. Since it is often spread by wrestling, I have accused them of wrestling with each other.

Some years ago now, my brother broke my dad's ankle while they were drunk and wrestling on the floor. My brother was going to Marine boot camp the next day. He dissolved into a drunken puddle of tears when he realized his parting gift to my dad was a lifelong limp. After that, anytime one of our relatives hugged anyone my dad would say sternly, "No wrestling!"


At 8:55 AM , Anonymous RaLph said...

Oh! Ringworms!

I thought you were talking about something else. The Ringworm.


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