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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

adbusters article "The American Left's Silly Victim Complex"

Check out this article by a leftist, wherein he decries the unfairness of being associated with "liberals." Although he reams the "liberals" a thousand new ones and pretty much drives the nails into their heads, he doesn't convince me that he is much different, except that he is smart enough to hate mimes. However, I do love the way he illustrates his points, even though we on the right have been saying the same stuff all along, he says it better than most of us.

"the American left is just a noisy Upper West cocktail party for the college graduate class."

"What we call American liberalism is really a kind of genetic mutant, a Frankenstein's monster of incongruous parts- a fat affluent, overeducated New York/Washington head crudely screwed onto the vanishing middle American manufacturing class.


At 3:20 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

F**king liberals WILL NOT LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. And ordinary people know it in their gut. Now if they could only learn the final lesson: that there is no help: that when someone, be he a dogooder or a government cog, offers to help, run screaming into the night; because you, YOU, are the only help you'll ever need and are smart enough and strong enough to take care of yourself and don't need no f**king liberal to "He'p" you.


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