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Friday, June 22, 2007

In truth there are not enough prisoners incarcerated in Guantanamo Prison

Any and all persons involved in the plot to blow up innocent civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan should be sitting in cells wearing orange jumpsuits. I am not talking about the "insurgents" engaged in fighting the US occupation, that I can understand, I speak of those who go to markets and mosques and gleefully blow up non-combatants, women and children.

As Theodore Dalrymple says "It is not the wrongfully imprisoned but the wrongfully free who give rise to concern" and "For every person wrongfully imprisoned, there are literally hundreds who manifestly deserve to lose their liberty."

Think not of the poor prisoners interned in Guantanamo, but of the innocents they would deprive of life and limb. If there were true justice in this world there would be more prisoners, not less.


At 5:09 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

I want all my enemies in prison. Forever. That would be the cherry on top of my happiness, as it were.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........
Nobody sobers up till monday. That's an order.

At 3:42 AM , Anonymous Rodrigo said...

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At 12:28 PM , Anonymous jack said...

We'll win this war on terror when we take the stand of ... take no prisoners!


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