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Friday, July 27, 2007

Coyotes aren't the biggest problem in SanFrancisco's Golden Gate Park, the homeless are!

I have substituted the word "Homeless" for the word "Coyotes" in this public service announcement distributed by the Park Dept.

In a statement, Deb Campbell with Animal Care and Control said that situations like this occur when wild animals (in this case, the homeless) become comfortable around humans. She also gave tips to avoiding more incidents with the homeless:

Never feed the homeless. Feeding the homeless can put your family and your pets at risk as the homeless learn to expect food and lose their natural fear of humans.
Keep your pets indoors in areas that the homeless are known to frequent.
Secure garbage cans with a lid that fastens shut or use a bungee cord. The homeless can tip garbage cans and obtain an easy meal. Put garbage out the morning of your pick-up to cut down on the amount of time the cans are accessible.
If the homeless are frequenting your neighborhood, let them know that they are not welcome. Make loud noises, squirt them with a hose, or pop a balloon. It's important that the homeless stay wary of humans.


At 2:39 PM , Anonymous ricpic said...

Reporting in from Sheridan, Wyoming, where, as far as I can see, there are no homeless and very few of those wonderful vibrant exotic minorities who make life so, er...interesting. Why not show the City by the Bay your back and try small town or at least small city America?

At 4:02 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Are you proposing Ric?

At 5:42 PM , Anonymous jack said...

Each and every liberal should take in a homeless person to live with them.

Nancy Pislosi should take in several ... since she has a big place and plenty of federal funds.

At 5:18 PM , Anonymous ricpic said...

But I hardly know you!

Seriesly, sorry about this late response. I just finished driving home - oy, almost 2,000 miles in three days - to my home in upstate New York.


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