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Monday, August 06, 2007

The inability of liberal teachers to enforce discipline on Black children is killing Black children

I watched the movie, Pride, last night starring the delectable Terrence Howard, and it reminded me of something. On NPR a few months ago they did an interview with a White liberal former teacher who had gone down to the south to teach in a segregated school. Right away the Black kids in her class started to act out. The teacher was unable to enforce order in the class. Some of the students went home and told their parents that the White lady could not control her class.

Now this was in an era where if a Black child spoke insolently to a White person, that child might be killed. Like Emmit Till. Enforcing discipline meant life or death to those children, but the White liberal woman could not do it. Liberals are not tough is all. They are too busy feeling sorry for the kids to be of any use.

The parents demanded a meeting with the school principal, wherein they demanded she do her job, which as they saw it was to enforce discipline. The White teacher saw that the school principal would side with her, because she was White, so she decided she would quit and she did.

This is still going on to this very day. My friend was telling me today about his teacher in Philly, an Irish woman by the name of Miz Fitzgerald, but the Black kids called her Fitzy because she could throw a fight. He said she was a tiny woman but she could handle a class of 250 Black kids with ease.

We need more teachers like Miz Fitzy!


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