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Monday, August 06, 2007

Miss C posted again on Craigslist and got hate mail from a liberal!

The majority of mentally healthy, self confident liberals just ignored my post and moved on to the other million ads from ugly, uptight vegetarian women specifying liberal men only, but this guy could not resist sending me hate mail. Like most people afflicted with Bush derangement syndrome, he has no self control. I was sure to get a column out of it so I engaged with him. He also flagged my post repeatedly until they took it down. What a psycho.

My post went like this,

You can look like Fido's dinner as long as you have a boat !

That is, a boat that you take out on the water regularly. I am a former bad girl with a few nautical tattoos in girly places and very short hair. I love fishing and hiking, hiking and fishing, in those orders. Did I say I loved fishing and hiking? My musical tastes run the gamut, from punk to country, world music and classical and even hardcore rap. I am a film buff and watch a lot of foreign films and documentaries along with action and war movies. If you have objections to reading subtitles, I am not the lady for you.I only get along with conservatives, I repeat, I only get along with conservatives. There are plenty of liberal women here in the Bay Area to go around so don't take offense and don't write me hate mail. I love G.W Bush. You don't have to love him too, but I don't want to hear you dis him constantly either.I am looking for an easy going guy who is manly and can take charge. You should be active but not into extreme sports. I hate bikes, both motor and the kind with pedals. Pick up trucks are erotic to me, but it's ok if you don't have one, I guess.

Here is the hate mail and my replies;

(Hatemailer) "I was wondering who was part of that 25% percent(sic) who thinks Bush is still a good president. You must be illiterate.....

(Miss C) "Yes and you are with the majority. Congratulations, you follow the herd.
Are you afraid to think independently? The majority of Americans also believe in God, that don't make him real. The majority of Germans loved Hitler, that didn't mean they were right. I'll stay with the minority, thank you."

(HM) "Follow the herd!!!??????! The herd which includes you, not me, elected him!!!!!!! and now we are all Fucked. Go volunteer for Iraq if you believe in him so much."

(MC) "Oh, I thought Bush stole the election! You lefties always want it both ways. You are too silly for me!"

(HM) "That was the first election. Er, there was another election in 04 last I checked and you voted for him. See what happens when you skip school and miss the class on US Govt.
You don't even know what a lefty is other than what Bill O' Reilly tells you."

(MC) "Never have listened to, or seen Bill O' Reilly, not even once. For one thing I don't have cable and only really get 1 or 2 channels and he ain't on either of em. I get to hear about his antics from the lefties at work though. It's you guys who are obsessed with him. So as usual what a lefty thinks he knows and what he actually knows are 2 different things. You are behind the times if you think that Democrats don't think that Bush stole the second election. Because anytime the Dems lose it must be because of a stolen election. Y'alll have victim hood down to a fine art."

(HM) "1) You don't know what a liberal is
2) You don't know what a conservative is
3) You can't articulate why Bush is a good president
4) Hicks are the only people who still support him because all he has to do is wave a flag
and they wet themselves. If you have to use "ain't" or "em" of(sic) "Y'all" you are a
hick. never mind about pick-ups being erotic.
Read a book one day instead of going out "fishin. You might learn something."

(MC) "Yassir massa sir, i'sa gon reed a book, yooz da boss. tanks a hole bunch fo' edumacatin' me on accounta yooz so smart! i'z cant hep it tht i'z cant reed, i'z whent to skools taht buy liberls! i'z alays wonda howz i'z end'd ups workin' fo's da libary on acounta i's so dum."

(HM) "First in your family to graduate beyond the 4th grade I bet
"Pick-ups are erotic..." Typical Bush lover.....reee-tarded.
better get home to your trailor and put on your "I LOVE George BUSH and DICK Cheney" t-shirt, Aren't you late for your double shift at the Licker and Sticker Lounge?

Keep replyin, they keep a coming'.

Hey, I speak SF retard."

(MC) "Wow, you really are getting your panties in a knot, girlie man. Liberals never did have a sense of humor, poor dears."

(HM) "No sense of humor. I am still on the floor howling about "Pick-ups are erotic..."

(MC) "Hey come on over to my blog. I am posting your emails, cuz they are so funny. Well not really, but they are a study in liberal character or lack thereof. It's ok if you don't have a sexy pick-up truck, lots of liberal gals get excited over Prius's, uh, I think."


At 9:33 PM , Anonymous jack said...


MissC is having her way with this leftard.

Hope he shows up!

At 9:42 PM , Anonymous karen said...

Another entertaining post by Miss C. I guess that is why I keep reading ;-)

At 10:27 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

This feller is a hoot, an'a half!
I really hope that he comes on the blog for a spell. He is angry, very angry, Very Liberal Angry! He Hulks-Out with pretty Liberal Speak: "Bush Bad!", "You Retard!", You Illiterate!", "Only Hicks Support Bush!" AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

At 4:52 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Well are pick ups erotic or aren't they?!

At 9:00 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Pick-ups are and Beelza is right in more ways than one!

At 1:51 PM , Blogger Cooth said...

Hey, if both of us ever decide to like girls, we should hook up.

At 12:06 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Well Cooth you sure do gots some pretty feets!


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