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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The voice of reason from an oceanographer on the News Hour

DAVID HOLLAND, Oceanographer, New York University:

"So the IPCC report, there are two headlines from it. One is that, in the next century, the air temperature is going to increase. That is solid science, totally credible, believable, good observations, good models.
The second headline is that sea level will rise between 20 and 60 centimeters. That's totally incredible and unbelievable. That's just a guess based on past behavior, how much sea level has risen in the past century. We cannot predict yet sea level change, and we're stuck, and we're stuck because we aren't able to model processes that we have not observed."

Discussing the melting of a glacier in Greeland, David Holland says:

"And even with fresh water pouring in from the melting ice cap, they found water way back in the fjord where icebergs break off was salty, confirming Holland's suspicion that changes in the ocean may be what is causing the increased melting"


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