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Friday, August 10, 2007

Right wing co-worker at the psychomatronic film show

Co-worker goes to art house films. A friend of his has a theater that has couches and you can buy beer and wine and eat pizza during the movie. Best of all, no kids allowed, except on baby night. He just opened another theater in a nearby city.

Last week the owner decided to let kids into the new theater for the first time for a special show. The show was billed as a psychomatronic show. The owner had rented some old films and commercials. He had not watched the film strips and so was surprised to see a commercial in which General Mills talked about how healthy Cheerios were whilst lovingly dragging on a cigarette. Then a young Frank Gifford came on screen to say that unfiltered Lucky Strikes were great.

The embarrassed theater owner got up on stage and said, "Kids, smoking isn't cool!"


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