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Friday, October 12, 2007

The lefties need to make up their Goddamn minds!

Jimmy Carter said that using the word "genocide" is not very helpful in regard to the current situation in Darfur. Then the Democrats decide to open up a can of figurative whoop ass on Turkey, who is minding its own business and not bothering anyone, by labeling something that happened almost a hundred years ago "genocide." Most, if not all, the people responsible for the genocidal acts against the Armenians are dead and unable to feel the wicked sting of the democrat's censure!

We baby a country who is actually committing acts of real genocide and punish a country who has been behaving in an exemplary way for many years. It's typical, left wing crap. Thought crimes and crimes committed in the past are very important to leftists, because they have shown zero ability to deal with real world, real time problems. Talking smack retroactively, after the bloodbaths have passed is their specialty.

The only reason Tom Lantos and his troup of imbecilic zoo monkeys passed this resolution against Turkey is that they want the US to lose in Iraq. Period. Tom Lantos is a fossil and needs to give way to someone with new ideas.


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