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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Right-wing worshipper of Satan

Right-wing co-worker worships Satan in his every incarnation. Last week, we gave a retirement party for another co-worker. Right-wing co-worker is an artist and draws pictures on the communal cards we give to retiring friends. He usually draws pictures of Godzilla, whom he adores even more than he does his dark Lord.

This time he had the card on his desk for some time after most of us had already written our salutations.

Then one day he asked me if the retiree was "very religious?"

"Well, I said, she is a practicing Jehovah's Witness."

"OK," he sighed, looking very depressed. "Do you think I should take off the little demons I drew?"

"Uh, yeah, I do," I said.

Which he did, and drew Godzilla in their place.


At 8:24 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

I don't worship Satan!
I just do his yard work...,


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