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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Iranian style Islamic imperialism forced on African tribes

I was reading the autobiography of the super model Alek Wek of the Dinka tribe in Sudan. She speaks of the horror of living under the increasingly oppressive system of Sharia law imposed on them by Sudanese Muslims trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Brits governed the Islamic north and non-Islamic south of Sudan separately. before Independence they gave into pressure form the Islamic leaders to unite the country. The Muslims wanted to have control over the oil fields and fertile land and water. The Muslims proceeded to impose Islamic culture on the southern Sudanese.

Sudanese were forced to speak Arabic in schools, much as the people of Eastern Europe were forced to speak Russian under rule of the Soviets.

"Non-Muslims were given fewer rights and, along with women, were considered second class citizens. But there was no way round it- this was the law."
She says in regards to the treatment of women by African men,

"People like to romanticize life in the African bush. There are many wonderful things about rural Africa, but for women, the villages can be really rough places. It's true all over Africa."


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Why duhya think they call it the Turd World.


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