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Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Senator, Don Perata, was cajacked over the weekend

Miss C has met Mr Perata and found him to be a likeable guy. That having been said, she takes leave to doubt his efficacy as a politician.

If you needed more proof that liberals are only too eager to defend dangerous criminals, here is the statement from Perata's publicist regarding the low life thugs who pointed a gun at Perata's head, gangsta style, after they pulled up in a stolen gold camero, to carjack his car for its "rims."

"Sometimes the holidays bring out desperate times for people, and he did the safe thing and just gave up the car," said Perata spokeswoman Alicia Trost. "It's just unfortunate, but we're very happy that he's uninjured."

That's a good one, Alicia "The holidays bring out desperate times for people."

Xmas was over. The jackasses already had a stolen Camero. But they could not be content with just a Camero, they had to have pretty new rims too. The guys who used a lethal weapon to relieve Perata of his property are just bad people. Miss C knows this after serving on jury duty this past July. The carjacker/ gang banger we convicted was not interested in working a regular job, but he wanted kewl wheels and kewl rims and lots of car stereo speakers, so he shot other people to get them.


At 11:30 AM , Anonymous jack said...

Being San Fran he probably gave them a BJ too.

you know ... jacked em up!

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Well, he seemed all man to Miss C. he called her the "Queen of Laminating."


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