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Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't shoot the piano player!

A 10 year old boy was shot last week during his piano lesson, when a thug robbed the gas station across the street from the music school. The thug shot at the gas station attendent when he tried to call 911 after the robbery. The bullet went throught the walls of the school and into the kids stomach and spine.

I was sure that we were going to hear a lot of shit from the media and the public about everybody making a big deal about the shooting of a young (White) man. The first impression being that it was a White boy. Racist assumptions about the types of people who play classical instruments, I guess.

Any time you give even a little attention to the death of innocents around here there are some radicals who step in and accuse "society" and the media of caring more about the deaths of Whites than the deaths of "young Black males," whom, supposedly, no one cares about.

This became a moot point when the shooting victim's mother was interviewed on television and was seen to be a Black woman. The kid turns out to be not only Black, but an Hispanic Black at that. Even then, sympathetic portraits of the shooter were already being painted, by the local media.

Fuck him! The kid he shot is, at this time, said to be paralyzed. There is no excuse for the shooter's behavior. None.


At 4:32 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

Oh sure there is. Capitalists keeping the so called "robber" down with racism and so called private property.

Plus the easy availability of handguns, don't forget that!

The war too- all that violence, it's Bush's fault!

At 7:52 AM , Blogger Urbanleftbehind said...

"hispanic black at that" in Dominican or various other Afro-Latino groups or Blaxican (black dude-latina parings that, despite the perils of black males driving into hispanic neighborhoods for dates, seem to be a new race into itself)? I guess I'll watch the video for more clues.

BTW it really shouldnt matter. Throw the book and the syringe/gas tablets at the shooter!!!

At 8:50 AM , Blogger Urbanleftbehind said...

(after viewing video of the press conference)

Major egg on face. A reverse Blaxican?

At 12:35 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Urban, Que es su historia? Digame!


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