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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Most homeless people are scum!

Co-worker's niece, the one whose been homeless for months now and keeps trying to come and live with co-worker, is getting kicked out of a third homeless shelter.

She told co-worker that the shelter wanted her to fork over 80% of her income for them to save for her to get an apartment. She complained bitterly and said she was not going to do that.

Last week, co-worker and her husband were watching TV in the evening. They heard a knock on the back door. opened it and standing there were the niece's two kids.

"We're sorry," they whined. "Mama went to the casino and we don't got no food. We're starving."

Co-worker's daughter is living in a tiny mother-in-law cottage in the back. Daughter and niece took off to go gambling and told the kids to keep quiet and hide til they got back! They did not leave anything for the kids to eat, for 2 days!

Most homeless women with kids are like this. Britney Spears gets blamed for her bad behavior because she has money. The poor women are just as venal, selfish and stupid, but they get liberals to feel sorry for them.


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