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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The anti-marine protestors of Berkeley are elitists who do not believe that people are capable of making their own choices

especially when the choices involve something the elitists disagree with. I don't live in Berkeley and leave it up to their city council whether they countenance Marine recruiting offices or not. A block from my house are 3 recruiting offices that go unprotested. My city is, so far, ok with them and if my coucil were to decide that they were no longer welcome, I would go there and protest.

Berkeley leftists have always been against the military in one form or another and this recent development is nothing new. I have always thought it strange for the people of Berkeley to even have college sports teams, football especially being much too war like.

Liberals have never trusted others to make the decision to join the military and can not conceive of young people joining of their own free will, because they don't understand the nature of it. They have never been able to put theirselves in other peoples shoes. They think everyone is like them and ultimately thinks like them. They are and always have been clueless to real human nature. They are the strange ones. Most peoples on earth love war and want their side to win.

Anti-abortion activists think that a holocaust is going on right here in American abortion clinics, yet they are not allowed to block access to clinics any longer. The people of Berkeley should be allowed to protest the Marine recruiters but not chain themselves across doorways.


At 10:38 PM , Blogger Gerry said...

Miss C, when you don't have me laughing, you have me nodding my head. Did you know what a fine writer you are/? Gerry


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