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Friday, May 30, 2008

I'll be waiting at the port

The military leaders of Myanmar have stated that the cyclone victims don't want any of the chocolate bars the international community has been sending them.

Miss C does. She totally does. Chocolate is the only thing Europeans do better than everyone else. Except for the Polish. No Polish chocolate please. But chocolate from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Italy are most welcome.

I am on the other side of the Pacific, international community.

Take note commenter Strudel.


At 2:13 PM , Anonymous strudel said...

You are sweeter than any chocolate, precious.

At 10:37 PM , Anonymous strudel said...

xmas coming
the girls are getting..

A fleet of fridge truckloads, filled with the best of Perugina and Nestè, is crossing Siberia. Next truckstop The Bering (we hope it's icy).
After The Bering, it's going to be Alaska, and when in Crakerlandia the team will drop out leaflets along the way to catch The Beauty.

-Hey see,
Isn't this Miss C.?-

At 12:23 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Oh Stru, thank you so much!

At 3:54 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

What, no love for the Lindt?

At 3:58 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

Oops, wrong Lindt link.

Here's the correct one.


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