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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our city manager turns out to be a gang "queen pin"

She is knee deep in doo doo of her own making right now.

"Here's the story:

On the night of June 7, Edgerly - whose duties included overseeing the Police Department - showed up at a West Oakland liquor store just as her nephew's car was being towed by police as part of an operation against the Acorn gang.

The nephew, 27-year-old William Lovan - who works for the city as a parking meter repairman - had left the car running and locked the keys inside, along with a gun. Edgerly asked why the car was being towed and the police, in their fashion, said, "Because it's polluting the air."

Two sources familiar with the case tell us that Edgerly pulled out her cell phone and punched up Assistant Chief Howard Jordan's number to complain. Jordan said he'd check it out and call her back. And he did a few minutes later, telling her that the towing job was part of a bigger police operation.

Upon hearing the news, the sources say, Edgerly calmed down.
That might well have been the end of the story - except that according to our sources, police think Edgerly may have made a call to her nephew, warning him to stay away from these "bad people" because the authorities knew what they were up to. Authorities say the gang was linked to several homicides and a series of restaurant takeover robberies as well as carjackings, drug and weapons trafficking.

What we do know is that police, who had several suspects' phones tapped, say they have the nephew on tape calling the gang's alleged leader and telling him that he had word "from the top" that the cops were on the way."


At 11:18 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

Did you see earlier, that good ole' Ronny D. FIRED HER!!!
Someone must have lit a fire under his ass, or there is so much more dirt that has been found "swept under the rug" about her that she is just too hot to handle anymore. I have no idea if she will still be receiving any of her fat retirement bennies, or if she is totally cut-off.


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