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Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby you can drive my car

Last year when Jamel was 8, and was visiting from Seattle for the summer, he and I took Devil Dawg out for a walk at the marina.

Jamel had gotten far away from me and was playing near the parking lot when the small Filipino security guard who patrols the marina walked up to Jamel and spoke to him.

Jamel came running up to me, pointed at a car in the lot and said, "That guy just asked me if that was my car."

Jamel was pretty proud of himself at the thought that the guard thought he was old enough to drive. I knew that the guard probably was asking if the car was mine, but I didn't let Jamel know that.

This summer Jamel and I have gone to the marina a lot and Jamel is always happy to see his favorite security guard. "That's the guy who asked if I had a car," he will say.

Last night Jamel and I were walking by the guard and Jamel could not resist saying to him, "I like my car!"

The security guard replied, "Well, drive it!"


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