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Monday, August 04, 2008

Miss C is always right!

I have always been seriously terrified of construction cranes. They seem to defy the logics of physics. Across the street from my place of work they were building a condo for the last year and a half. They had a giant crane there for months. I would not walk near it. I stayed 2 blocks away from it if I had to go out for lunch. I lived in terror that it would fall on the day care center located directly across the street from the construction site.

Most people would have thought me silly for being so afraid of cranes. Then, revenge of the cranes started and cranes began to topple over and crush people left and right.

I am also terrified of gas tanker trucks.


At 7:38 AM , Anonymous Karen said...

I hate them too. Where I live they are working on a mega project that is taking years to build. Anyways, there is this crane at a very busy intersection that I drive through frequently. It looks like it is being weighed down, way up high, at one end. How is this being done? Its got these huge cement rectangular blocks jutting through a whole on the back of the crane. Sometimes there are more of them and sometimes less. Let's just say I dread being stuck at a red light with my car directly under this monster!!


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