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Friday, September 12, 2008

When electing a president ask yourself if a Native American tribe would elect this person to lead their tribe

McCain would pass the test with flying colors. He'd be a revered old leader who's been through the sun dance ceremony.

Biden too. He would be known as a good peace-time leader, but not a war leader, although he might approve war when he felt it necessary.

But Obama would be the cocky guy who spends a lot of time painting his face up and bragging about his imaginary exploits all the time, but avoids actually going out with the hunting and war parties, while still demanding that the buffalo and loot be shared, even when he had no part in the hunting or taking of it.

Sarah Palin is not even in the running. She's just a loud and agressive white woman taken by a warrior whilst she was outside the cabin chopping wood,an now he regrets making her his #1 wife because he has to stay home and watch the kids all the time.


At 7:43 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

Profoundly Adam Smith conservative me and my chum K, who voted for Gore, are both laughing at this.

BUT, if the bluecoats wiped out the old leaders, which would end up guiding the tribe's remnants through the blizzards to safety in Canada?


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