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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jesus freaks shouting at the bus stop today

A couple of ex-con born agains were at the bus stop bothering everybody. Jesus loves you, one was shouting at everyone.

A Black guy walks by with his woman and yells back at the guy, " I love sex. Ain't nuthin' better than good pussy."

I am walking to the bank to deposit my check and the couple are headed there too. His wife starts complaining to him. "Why you gotta say that to him?"

"Cuz I do love pussy," he replied, unrepentent .

When we got to the bank door the wife saw the plywood covering the door busted out in last nights riots. "I didn't know they got to the bank," she said in shock.

When I got back to the bus stop an old Black lady in a bad wig was debating theology with the ex-cons. They obviously did not know their scripture and were otherwise full of crap, although I am glad they have turned their lives around. The Black lady had them in knots and her 3 grandkids were telling the ex-cons not to argue with her "Cuz she knows her stuff."

She was pulling out her bible asking one of them to show her the scripture to prove what he was saying when the bus came.

It was a shame, because I was enjoying the show.


At 9:58 AM , Anonymous strudel said...

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