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Monday, January 12, 2009

"We live in a police state? No such luck… The Idiot Left are wrong: the police are powerless to stop our lives being blighted by rogue males.”

You know, it is interesting that many of the left-wing blogs are lauding the rioters damage of Sears dept store in Oakland. Sears being such a huge and terrible corporate entity and all.

Here I was thinking that Sears was a dept store that catered to and even employed the lower and lower middle class working people. Making available to them/me stackable washers, stoves and affordable window treatments and power tools. Little did I know that they are instrumental in oppressing the poor and causing cops to shoot unarmed men.

I remember when Oakland had many dept stores. At a time when the Black population was actually larger than it is now. Before so many Blacks fled to the burbs.

We had a Sears, a Montgomery Ward's, an Emporium Capwells, I. Magnin's, Liberty House, Swan's, Mervyn's, a J.C. Penny's, a White Front, and more that I have long since forgotten. Now we have only Sears and Sears has just been vandalized and stands a good chance of being vandalized again, and I am sure will be closing soon.

As a teenager, I would regularly hop a bus and ride into deepest darkest East Oakland, at night, to a formerly thriving mall, called Eastmont Mall, which is now in the middle of a war zone. Neighborhood people used to work at the mall. My Asian friends and I hung out there. Everybody did most of their Xmas shopping there.

It all started to go bad when I was in my early 20's. What the hell has happened to Oakland?


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