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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rioters caused a massive loss of sympathy for transit cop shooting victim

In Theodore Dalrymple's current column on the joys of rioting, he mentions that rioters never riot in poor weather.

I knew that there would be no riots yesterday, on the 3 week anniversary of the shooting, as it was raining.

After the riots, I noticed that the sympathy for the shooting victim had morphed into disgust. It has been mentioned by more than a few people that the cops should shoot, or should have shot, more of (them). It is not right-wingers talking like this.

When the young men of Oakland showed themselves to be stupid, violent, threatening, and completely indifferent to the feelings of others, suddenly a cop shooting one of them in a moment of adrenaline fueled fear, became entirely understandable.


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