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Friday, April 21, 2006

I Hope You Get Cancer blogger

Honestly, there are those on the left giving me a hard time over my blog that have names for their blogs like, I Hope You get Cancer and call me a cunt on said blog as well. Then one of the leftards with the delightful screen name Snotty Mcshot calls me a lesbian. They seem in their holier than thou state to be blissfully unaware of the irony of complaining about my harsh language, while using such vicious language themselves. Certainly, complaining that I am a mean ol racist is a case of the pot calling the kettle a cooking utensil. These leftists are as misogynistic as it gets. It's because those lefties are such fine humanists and all. They are full of hatred and rage and are projecting it on everyone else. They are either rapists themselves or homosexuals. Otherwise, how do you explain their total disregard for the plight of women at the hands of Islamists? How about I turn it right back on them, use a little of their own high prose, FUNDAMENTALIST MUSLIM MEN ARE ALL CUNTS AND I HOPE THEY GET CANCER AND THEY CAN KISS MY LESBIAN ASS!!! Am I allowed to say that?? I learned such talk from the high falutin' British left of course. So I guess it's OK to say it Right? Right? I crack myself up, man, I am getting punny again.
As for being a devotee of David Duke, I certainly am not!!! Let me educate you ignorant lefties about your tool. David Duke just visited the Middle East to show his solidarity with the Jihadists. Like all of you complaining about my comparison of Islamic Fudamentalists to spiders, David Duke is a supporter of terrorism against Jews. I am his polar opposite, I am a supporter of Israel and moderate Arabs and Muslims everywhere. You can not be a Nazi and a Zionist, can you now? You leftists are the Nazis, not I. I love Jews and moderate Arabs You guys need to seriously take a look at the Aryan Nation website to see how closely you ape the white nationalist positions. I think you Brits are woefully lacking up to date information about the US and your favorite racists. You all have that one old mummy that you trot out to show how racist America supposedly is. Well ain't it purty to think so. Dream on you colonialist British bastards. We have no one calling for the death of all Muslims or the destruction and death of the Arab world, or even the death of the Taliban or all fundamentalists. If they would act like civilised human beings instead of animals and quit blowing up kids, they could live as well as anybody on the planet. They are the ones calling for the destruction of Israel and the beheading of infidels and now the rape of infidel women. So, I'll say what I want about you and your Jihadi friends, because you are one and the same. So, what if George Bush wants to control the oil, which I do not believe he does or we'd have it by now. Osama and his ilk want to control oil and women. I know which side my bread is buttered on. I don't drive, so I don't care about oil, but no man is going to control me. And you leftists are not going to do it over the web.


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