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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Speaking of cunts!

My sister used to work for Civil Rights Attorneys. One of the Lawyers had a brother that had Tourette's. The firm hired him, out of the kindness of their liberal hearts, to do some data entry work. My sister said that she would stay away from him because he made her sick. (My sister has a weak stomach and gags at just about anything) All the attorneys were to the far left, although wallowing in money they made from suing Denny's and State Farm. One day the Tourette's guy made some cookies and brought them into the office. My sister said that they were healthy cookies and not in the least delicious, or maybe he just couldn't cook. Probably he felt compelled, by his disorder, to add an ingredient that didn't belong in cookies, but I digress. Anyway, one leftist, lesbian attorney decides she is going to patronize the Tourette's guy. My sister said the lawyer walked up to him and said, in a sickly sweet tone of voice, "Oh Rene, your cookies are soooo good." The Tourette's guy looked up and said, "Thank you.....CUNT!" My sister says the attorney just cringed and my sister was bent over laughing, because the feminist attorney couldn't say shit about it. Her civil rights were just violated and she had to suck it up. You've been violated manly girl!!!!!


At 12:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it! This anecdote should be printed in Reader's Digest!


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